Not Just Online
We're Hands-On

We bring STEM to life! 
With our range of blended courses to enable you and your students to discover STEM in an engaging, hands-on and most of all FUN way!

We bring STEM to life with our range of blended courses

Not just online, we're hands-on.  All of our courses are designed to enable you to get the most out of our hands on resources.  From robotics & engineering to animation and more...

Practical approach

Our courses are designed around our  practical approach.  Just like our in person courses, much of your time will be spent working hands on with our materials, side by side with our instructors. 

Children & Young Adults

We've developed a range of courses for Children, Schools, Youth Groups and Teachers.  Whether you are looking for a workshop for your class or CPD for yourself we have a course to suit your requirements.

Schools & Teachers

Discover our wide range of resources from early-years through to post-primary.  Our courses will enable you & your students to discover STEM, Coding, engineering concepts and discover why Robots are the 'next big thing' 
Aim high, see big, judge widely

Discover STEM with Learnit

Since 2010 Learnit has delivered a range of STEM workshops to over 100,000 children, young people and adults across Ireland. 

Now we are bringing our workshops online with the goal to reach hundres of thousands more.  

Many of our courses include the use of hands-on resources, whether it's for an individual or a school we have a range of courses to suit you.

Our courses

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