STEM in a box

Land Yacht

Discover STEM with our fantastic STEM in a Box Land Yacht Workshop
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What's included?

  • 40+ Videos
  • Teacher/Adult Guide
  • Engineering Guides
  • 5 Challenges
  • Lots of STEM!

Discover STEM

Discover STEM with Learnit STEM in a Box!  We bring STEM to life with our fanstic construction kit, models and challenges.  Discover forces, motion, physics, engineering and much more with us...

We're here to help

Contact us via our online chat, whatsapp, phone, email, postcard... We're help to help you along the way.  We believe our STEM in a Box has everything you need to discover STEM.
Meet the instructors

The Learnit Team

The team at Learnit look forward to sharing their love of robotics with you. With over a decade of experience in delivering STEAM workshops to both young and old, the Learnit team of Ross, Niamh and Rob are here to assist you on your journey.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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